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Experienced Advocacy for People Facing IRS Audits

If you have been advised that the Internal Revenue Service wants to conduct an audit of your tax returns, you want an experienced lawyer to stand beside you throughout the process. An audit can be complex and confusing. Without proper representation, you may be assessed liability for taxes you don’t owe. You want an attorney who understands the audit process, as well as the federal tax laws, one who has protected the rights of others in similar situations.

At the law office of Zadvinskis Law, we have protected the rights of individuals throughout western Michigan facing IRS audits for over 30 years. We provide honest and practical advice, making certain you are always aware of any developments in your case, as well as your prospects for getting the results you seek. We will use our skill, knowledge and experience to help you minimize the consequences of an audit.

Do Not Talk To The IRS By Yourself

We offer comprehensive counsel to people who have received audit notices, whether you filed a simple or complex tax return, whether you itemized or took standard deductions. In our experience, most people who are audited face IRS scrutiny because of a business or investment, or because of something they simply forgot to include on a return.

The IRS may send you a letter explaining the purpose of the audit and giving you 30 days to respond. Alternatively, they may simply arrange an office audit, where they set an appointment, at which they will tell you the subject of the audit.

As soon as you learn of an impending audit, you should contact our office. We will immediately review the facts and evidence to determine whether the IRS has full and accurate information, and whether they are simply wrong. We will identify any information that we believe will clear up and resolve all issues, so that a full-blown audit is no longer necessary. We will also act as your voice with the IRS, so that you don’t accidentally say something that can be misconstrued.

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Protect yourself! We provide a free initial consultation to all tax audit clients. To set up an appointment, contact us or call us at 616-818-7541 (toll-free at 888-354-9814). We keep a flexible schedule, so that we can be available at your convenience. Our office is located just off I-96, with ample free parking close by. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.