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Helping You Resolve Unpaid Business and Payroll Tax Disputes

If you own or operate a business in today’s difficulty economic climate, and have fallen behind in business or payroll taxes, you want an experience attorney to help you resolve any arrearages and move forward. State and federal tax authorities have a lot of power and little sympathy for your plight. Without experienced and aggressive legal representation, your business may be completely shut down before you know it.

At the office of attorney John V. Zadvinskis, in Grand Rapids, we have helped businesses deal with disputes involving unpaid business or payroll taxes for over 30 years. We are committed to providing honest and practical advice. We recognize that every tax dispute is different and will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns, so that we can identify ways to minimize the consequences of an IRS action.

Our Business and Payroll Tax Practice

We work closely with a broad range of businesses facing payroll or other business tax problems, from small family-run businesses to limited liability companies and corporations. We handle tax disputes with local, state and federal revenue agencies, including:

  • Failure to pay state and federal unemployment taxes
  • Failure to pay state and federal withholding taxes, including income and Social Security obligations
  • Failure to pay state sales tax

The failure to pay these tax bills can have serious consequences. In many situations, unpaid payroll taxes can be assessed against individual business owners, even if the company is set up as a limited liability company or a corporation. You cannot discharge tax arrearages in a business bankruptcy.

When you hire us to help you address business tax arrearages, we will take a close and careful look at your business and its prospects, so that we can determine the best way to proceed. If your business appears to have a future, we will work to negotiate a settlement with the IRS or other agency, so that your business can continue. If, however, your business is failing (and that is the cause of the tax arrearage), we will work with you to shut down operations and address any personal liabilities.

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