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Are You Facing an IRS Lien or Levy?

If you have received notice of an impending lien or levy by the Internal Revenue Service, you want an experienced and aggressive attorney to protect your interests. As the taxpayer, you have the most to lose. If you are self-employed, it is especially important to contact an attorney as the IRS can literally take all of your money. You want a lawyer who has worked with federal tax authorities, one who has successfully protected the rights of others facing liens or levies.

At the office of Zadvinskis Law, we have helped people throughout western Michigan who face IRS liens or levies for over 30 years. We offer practical and honest advice, helping you find ways to minimize the consequences of a federal tax levy or lien, but always providing you with a realistic assessment of your chances of success. We know from experience that every case is different and take the time to learn the specific details of your case, so we can help you understand your options.

Our Representation of Clients Facing IRS Liens or Levies

We handle all matters related to IRS liens or levies for individuals or businesses, working directly with Internal Revenue Service agents to resolve any disputes and preparing and filing any documents necessary to settle your differences. Typically, we get involved when you have received one of the following in the mail:

  • Notice from the IRS threatening a federal tax lien on real or personal property. The IRS can place a lien on your home and seize and sell it to satisfy tax arrearages.
  • Notice of intent to levy wages or bank accounts. With a wage levy, the IRS will allow you a specific amount in each paycheck and take everything else. A bank levy will take everything you have in the account.

You may also receive a CP 504 letter from the IRS, which is a final demand to make payment arrangements before a lien or levy is put in place.

We provide aggressive collections defense in matters involving the IRS. Our goal in all cases is to stop any attempt to levy wages or accounts or put a lien on your property. To that end, we will work directly with the IRS to negotiate monthly installment agreements or an offer in compromise. We will also seek to stop liens and levies by having you classified as currently not collectible, if applicable. In some situations, bankruptcy may even be a helpful tool. We offer clients over 20 years of experience in bankruptcy matters.

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